Out in the Field – One day Restorative Nature retreats for NHS workers

Retreat Purpose: Re-connect, Relax, Reflect, Restore.

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Past events

Bio-Leadership Pioneers – 3 Day Workshop

An introductory programme for people looking to make breakthroughs and big transformations.

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The Money Workshop

With Tim Malnick – Different Space

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An Evening with Mac Macartney

The event will include live acoustic music, poetry, and readings from Mac's book The Children's Fire, heart song of a people.

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Nature, Spirituality and the Feminine

The Rabbani Project's Ladies of Light retreat. Three days dedicated to reconnecting to the sacredness of nature and deepening your relationship with Allah.


Yoga Retreat Days

One day retreats offered by YogiTribe including dynamic yoga, meditation, a countryside walk and a visualising and planning workshop.

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Extinction Rebellion Talk

7- 9pm. In this free public taIk, speakers from Extinction Rebellion (XR) will share the latest science on where our planet is heading and discuss some of the current psychology of climate change.

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Our Indigenous Roots: Reconciliation and Thriving Life Immersion with Pat McCabe

Held in collaboration with wisdom keeper Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining, Diné/Navajo), this immersion into Ways of Being brings shared ancestral knowledge and practice.

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Body, Mind and Grind

Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi are leading this weekend bootcamp for the forward thinker who wants to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

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Yoga, Massage and Singing Retreat in Nature

Would you like to find the time and space to slow down, relax and be? Would you like to reacquaint yourself with the sacredness of life and immerse yourself in nature?

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The Writers’ Retreat At The End Of The World

Humanity is defined by the stories we tell ourselves but our stories are failing us. A weekend for writers who want to explore climate change and the environmental crisis in their work.

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Seeding Deep Change – Yoga, Nature & Behavioural Change Retreat

A retreat with the Advaya Initiative - an alternative think-tank seeking solutions to the interconnected crises of environmental destruction and mental health.

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London Circling and Surrendered Leadership Training

Circling Europe's 6-month training about integrating the presence and connection of Circling into your everyday life. 


The Escape Weekend

A weekend for women to get back to their most brave, brilliant and balanced selves

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Volunteer Forest Gardening Day

10- 4pm. Please join us for our forest gardening day and to learn about permaculture.

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Yoga & Nature Retreat

A retreat with the Advaya Initiative - an alternative think-tank seeking solutions to the interconnected crises of environmental destruction and mental health.

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Navigating the Cultural Transition

An immersive three day workshop at the Quadrangle - remapping our world, ourselves, and our future

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In Times of Crisis: 2-day online course with Pat McCabe & Bayo Akomolafe

Advaya Initiative - an alternative think-tank seeking solutions to the interconnected crises of environmental destruction and mental health

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Bio-Leadership Ground Workshop

A 3-day workshop introducing a new way of working inspired by the principles of nature, and practices around adaptability, systemic awareness, connection, resilience and regeneration.

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Instinction & Eco Shamanism Weekend

This weekend is an extensive exploration of 'instinction' and 'Eco Shamanism' and what it is to be a species, a genus, a family.

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Navigating the Cultural Transition at this moment of crisis

The deeper news about what is happening in the world and what it means. You are invited to explore current global crises in the larger context of a cultural transition.

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Wednesday Mornings with Yoga By Lucy

Weekly morning yoga classes in The Big Barn during September with Lucy Holland. Theme: alignment, mindfulness, boosting immunity and alleviating anxiety.

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Family Nature Connection Camping

This summer we are teaming up with Honeybells tents & events and Kay’s Kitchen to provide three-day family camping adventures in our Forest Garden field beside the river Darent.

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Nurtured by Nature

A weekend of nourishment for body, mind, heart and soul.

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Autumn Yoga and Mindfulness

Classes are held in the Big Barn which feels both sheltered and connected to the outside.

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One Day Restorative Retreat for NHS doctors

A space for relaxation, mindfulness practices and to connect with nature in collaboration with You Okay, Doc?

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Rewild and Re-energise Women’s Retreat

A healing arts retreat created to hold space for women looking to rewild and get back to themselves with well deserved rest, nature-based wellbeing workshops and community.

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Team connection

Bringing your team together for creative thinking, strategising and nature connection

The Bakery of Slow Ideas

A collaboration with 'Out in the Field'. A day for healthcare workers to congregate, rest and regenerate.

Restore, Replenish and Revitalise

A women's retreat - yoga, sound healing and nature for NHS and other frontline workers

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Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Forest Garden with Yoga By Lucy

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Shamanic Weekend Retreat

Connecting to Nature & the Elements

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Transforming Culture from the Inside Out: Shifting Consciousness through Emergence – Connection – Dialogue

The Emergence Foundation's annual event - A space to reflect, explore and create new cultural paradigms through talks, discussions and workshops.

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An Autumn Connection, Compassion and Meditation Retreat

The day will include guided mindfulness exercises designed to help you find focus, calmness and relaxation and walks in nature.

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