Eco Shamanism is a marriage of shamanism and deep ecology where perception and perspective are paramount. This is shamanism for the 21st century – our aim is a deep exploration of spirit in our present lives to achieve a more holistic perception of our world.

In Eco Shamanism we work with circularity and balance. We need hope and a perception of possibility, purpose and continuity and it is this that helps create balance in the face, or threat, of extinction. Our societies and cultures are at a juncture where a different consciousness is emerging, where fear needs to equate to the excitement of new creations and ways of being rather than keep us locked in stagnant energy.

Instinction is an antidote to extinction. The word ‘instinction’ itself became ‘obsolete’ (extinct) in the 15/16th century and means ‘inspiration’ or ‘impulse’. With the advent of Climate Change and the Extinction Rebellion movement many are worried, fearful for their future and how to prepare for what might be ‘the end of the world’ for humans and many other species. Instinction allows a different paradigm where rather than the extinction of species we see the impulse and inspiration of species.

The weekend will be lead by Mandy Pullen.

Full fee with an indoor bed £255

Concessionary and camping £225

Double room and bell tent – 2 sharing or single occupancy £285

Please email for more information and to book.
There are two concessionary spaces which must be paid for by bank transfer – please ask if you’d like to be considered for a concessionary space.