We are delighted that the Bio-Leadership Project are running another Ground Workshop at the Quadrangle. The Bio-Leadership Project are working to transform leadership by working with nature.

Their aim is to connect and support an ‘ecosystem’ of people and projects showing that a new way of living and working is possible – a world that is replenished, regenerative and long-lasting. This Ground Workshop is a great introduction to work, models and practices, and a chance to join growing community rewriting the rules of progress with nature at heart.

A Journey
Through this workshop we will explore the stories, movements and tensions of our times, and how to respond to these as individuals and organisations. We make the process a dynamic and lived experience – working not just with ideas and intellect but with our full capacity to sense, experience and connect as humans in a living world.

The intention is also to work as a tribe, inquiring and learning together – both in this group and as part of a wider ‘ecosystem’ of people connecting and growing a new form of work in the world.

Who is this for?
People who believe that our human systems need to change, and that our systems are driven by an outdated view of leadership and development. We call for changemakers, facilitators, innovators and anyone else who is asking themselves some of these questions:

o How can I plan for a future that’s so unknown?
o Is there a new model of human progress that will work for this rapidly changing world?
o How can I help change the game?
o How can I find a role in this movement, with others?

The Bio-Leadership journey is woven through three threads:

Applied through thinking and practice.

To support ’embodied’ qualities related to awareness, connection, resilience, adaptability, movement and care.

To help us step back to explore how a wider systemic shift occurs.
As important as anything, we do this by returning to nature: reconnecting with our own capacity to experience nature, and working with nature to inform our actions beyond this space.

Guiding Questions

• What is ‘business-as-usual’ and how can we change the narrative?
• What is this moment we’re in, and how can we use it to navigate and transform today’s structures and systems?
• How do we balance internal qualities and external actions to bring about a new form of life and work?
• How can we work collectively to bring this new way of working to the world?

New Stories

In this workshop we also introduce a helpful way of exploring five kinds of story transforming leadership as we know it:
• New forms of purpose and progress
• New organisational forms
• New ways of working as ecosystems
• New, regenerative social and organisational models
• New cultures of deep connection

Arrivals and coffee at the venue from 9.30am, to begin the programme at 10am on the 22nd April. The programme will end by 3.30pm on the 24th April.

Please note that these costs cover programme, food and accommodation:
• For individuals and smaller not-for-profit organisations: £700
• We are also offering two scholarship places at £300 Please get in touch via connect@bio-leadership.org
• For larger organisations: £1400
• For smaller business organisations and established NGO’s: £1100
Sounds good? Book a place on the programme now

To find out more…
and hear more about our work as Bio-Leadership, check these great podcasts:
New Navigators with Jamie Pike and Andres Roberts
The Spaceship Earth with Dan Burgess and Andres Roberts

Among many others, Frederick Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and wider work, Fritjof Capra’s work on systems, Joanna Macy’s The Great Turning, and Thich Nhat Hanh’s New Way.

Guide – Andres Roberts

Andres is a guide to human development in relationship with nature. His work brings together innovative approaches to leadership and change, wisdom from ancient cultures and deep work with nature to support more generative forms of living and working for our times. He is the founding partner of the Bio-Leadership Project and co-founder of Way of Nature UK, a project that works with contemporary rites of passage to support deep transformation.

Guide - Jamie Pike

Jamie began his working life as a creative psychotherapist. In this time he was struck how that it is “no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. Hoping to inspire wider systemic change he spent a number of years creating and developing values led companies that challenge the business as usual approach. His work seeks to bring pragmatism, courage and hope to people who are ready to embrace new forms of leadership that promote system change and proliferate regenerative cultures. He is a partner and strategic lead for the Bio-Leadership project alongside his private practice as a mentor and guide.