The status quo of “leadership” is no longer fit for purpose. The human systems we’ve created are at the root of the challenges we are trying to address in the world, and are too inflexible to take us to better places.

But a new way to live and work is emerging – a form of human innovation that is adaptive, connected, regenerative, long-lasting and designed with nature at its heart. Bio-Leadership is about growing this new way for the benefit of all people and the wider systems we are part of.

This 3 day workshop is an introduction to a set of ideas and practices that are already supporting a wide range of people from alternative business schools to organisations such as Patagonia, as well as a growing number of individual change makers.

Bio-Leadership challenges the “business as usual” model of growth, command-and-control and destructive forms of competition. We work instead with a set of qualities related to adaptability, systemic awareness, connection, resilience, regeneration and care. We do this by returning to the principles of nature, refining our capacity to work as part of the bigger whole, rather than against it.

The work is guided by three threads:
Stories, tools, and models to illustrate new forms of human progress by working alongside, and as part of, nature.

Deep personal work to cultivate internal qualities related to awareness, connection, resilience, power, movement and care.

A wider ‘learning’ perspective that explores transformation, innovation, culture, power, and our own narratives and beliefs related to weaving new ways of working into the world.

What to expect
An experiential process with emphasis on the second thread of our work: exploring inner capacities to take this back to life and work in a deeper way. And an added intention to connect and support of people and organisations willing to bring a new way of working to the world.

We work with a number of guiding questions:
– What is “business-as-usual” and how can we change the narrative?
– What is this moment we’re in, and how can we use it to navigate new ways of structuring human systems in order to transform them?
– How do we find a balance between internal qualities and external actions to bring about a new form of life and work?
– How do we use these principles to grow new human structures for the future?
– How can we move as a wider field to bring a new way of working with nature into our life and work?

We also touch on 5 stories that are emerging in the world, which we describe as “the Bio-Leadership Map”:
– New forms of purpose and progress, inspired by nature
– New organisational forms, inspired by nature
– New ways of working as ecosystems
– New, regenerative social and organisational models
– New cultures of connection

Who’s this for?
People who believe that our human systems need to change, and that our systems are driven by an outdated view of leadership and development. We call for changemakers, facilitators, innovators and anyone else who is asking themselves some of these questions:

– How can I plan for a future that’s so unknown?
– Is there a new model of human progress that will work for this rapidly changing world?
– How can I help change the game?
– How can I find a role in this movement, with others?

Among many others, Frederick Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and wider work, Fritjof Capra’s work on systems, Joanna Macy’s The Great Turning, and Thich Nhat Hanh’s New Way.

Day 1 -arrive at 9.30am for coffee/tea
Day 3 – finishing at 4pm

£745 for larger organisations
£625 for smaller organisations and established NGO’s
£495 for individuals and smaller not-for-profit organisations
Including tea/coffee, snacks, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Excluding accommodation

Accommodation options
Private room and breakfast: £90 per night
Twin room and breakfast: £70 per night
Bell tent (kitted out with futon, bedding, candles and carpets) £65 (minimum of 2 nights)
Shared dormitory and breakfast £40 per night
Bring your own tent and breakfast £30

Or please get in touch if you would like information on local B&Bs and hotels.

To book a place fill in this registration form and for more information please email:

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein

Facilitator – Andres Roberts

Andres is a guide to human development in relationship with nature. His work brings together innovative approaches to leadership and change, wisdom from ancient cultures and deep work with nature to support more generative forms of living and working for our times. He is the founding partner of the Bio-Leadership Project and co-founder of Way of Nature UK, a project that works with contemporary rites of passage to support deep transformation.