We are offering one-day nature and wellbeing retreats to NHS teams, which aim to create time and space for people to relax, to get to know each other better and to identify practices that they can use to improve their wellbeing.

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Each retreat is designed around the specific needs of a team or group and includes mind-body practices following the Sophrology method, Forest Bathing and nature connection and reflection practices.

The retreats are facilitated by experienced teachers and forest bathing guides.

Specifically, the retreats are an opportunity to:
– Take time out to rest and experience mind and body relaxation
– Build relationships, understanding and camaraderie within and across the health care practitioner community
– Gain familiarity and confidence with mind-body practices and to explore how to integrate simple techniques for wellbeing into daily life
– Reflect on the last few years and capture key insights and learnings on what supports wellbeing moving forward

Testimonials from participants:
“For the very first time, at least for me, I felt someone understands our struggle, our needs, and really was taking care of us”. Maria Navarro Rio, Kings College Hospital

“An excellent way of actually building true resilience and improving our mental health in these challenging times.” Dr Chet Trivedy, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

“A great opportunity to reflect, regenerate and find ways to help yourself and others.”

“Very positive. Not something I would normally have gone to but with so many learning points I would strongly advise and encourage other members of staff to take part. A day to be remembered and cherished. Thanks for all the thoughts and efforts you made to make it a perfect day.”

“This is one day away that you can stop, reflect, enhance your ability to deal with stress and stressful situations.”

“Beautiful, calming, inspiring, revitalising, stilling, collaborative”

“Overwhelmed by the generosity of care for us. Bringing calm, loving kind energy to a group of people who are quite burnt out”

Out in the Field

For more information please contact jessie@thequadrangle.co

Further testimonials from two-day retreats
“After several months of working on Covid wards and seeing the immense suffering patients and their families endured, burnout was inevitable. The retreat helped me reconnect with myself through nature. I felt re-calibrated, more balanced and I still go back to that feeling mentally when things get stressful now.” Dr Hanifa Koguna, Northwest London

“Retreats of this nature are needed more than ever. They should become a recommendation for all Healthcare worker and highly promoted in maintaining our wellbeing. All sessions were delivered with clarity, love and wisdom and has really helped me to deepen my appreciation of how nature nurtures us daily.” Angela Graham, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust