The Bio-Leadership workshop is a 3 day process to develop new forms of leadership for the 21st Century. All over the world there is a growing sense that the status quo of leadership is no longer good enough for meeting the challenges and opportunities of our times. The Bio-Leadership Project is about developing more generative, more adaptive and more responsible organisations, more capable of navigating the 21st Century.

The Bio-Leadership Project is a response to three big trends:
– The need to shape new ways of living and working in more adaptive, more connected and more regenerative ways.
– The need to protect and restore our wider social and ecological systems
– The search for purpose and meaning

We will be using and developing the The Bio-Leadership Map as a resource during the workshop as a living research and thinking model, a framework for the learning process and to help us navigate the territory and goals we want to reach.

The Bio-Leadership Map consists of 5 areas of exploration :
– New measures of purpose and progress, inspired by nature
– New kinds of organisational form, inspired by nature
– New ways of working collaboratively, like ecosystems
– New forms of generative product and service (and ways of providing them) that protect and replenish nature
– New cultures rooted in connection – leading to deeper change

The Bio-Leadership Project has been growing quickly over the past 2 years, connecting and working with amazing people and projects. Today the Bio-Leadership Project is working with groundbreaking organisations like Patagonia, the World Benchmarking Alliance, Amani Institute and inspiring innovators from many sectors.

This programme is about connecting like- minded people in the UK, providing tools, techniques and support structures to develop a new way of living and working. At heart, this work is about reconnecting and working with the wisdom of nature, and exploring a place as partners with systems of life.

The Programme
Bio-Leadership works through three threads:
– Principles, models and tools to inspire new forms of leadership
– Deeper personal practice,supporting new qualities of personal leadership and transformation
– Working as a field – a web of people and projects working to thread new ways of working into the status quo. (This level combines broad ideas about innovation with deep perspectives related to identity, power and productive belief systems)

Who is this for?
Change-makers, facilitators, innovators within organisations and across society – people that strive to be part of a growing field of people that believe a new kind of innovation is needed – an innovation that is about people working with the wider systems we are part of.

Large organisations: £900 (over 50 employees)
Smaller organisations: £750
Individuals £575

This includes accommodation in a shared dormitory, all sessions, snacks and meals.
Extra costs for a private room: £60 a night
A shared twin room: £45 a night

Some sources of inspiration
Frederick Laloux, reinventing organisations
Theory U and the wider work of Otto Scharmer
Fritjof Capra – and work on systems and life
Joanna Macy – work related to the Great Turning
Thich Nhat Hanh – being in a new way

And other important references that connect leadership, human development, natural systems and more.

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Andres Roberts
Andres is a guide, educator and entrepreneur pioneering new forms of development in partnership with nature. His work brings together profoundly innovative approaches to leadership and change, wisdom from ancient cultures and deep experience in nature to support more generative, systemic change. Andres is the founding partner of the Bio-Leadership Project, an initiative that helps organisations realign with nature to address the challenges of the 21st century. He is also a guide and co-founder of Way of Nature UK, an organisation that brings about deep transformation through reconnection with nature. He is based in the UK.

“His motivation for systemic change is tangible and his energy is abun- dant and infectious… He is a genuine inspiration.” (Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors and Chairman, World Benchmarking Alliance)