Re-connect, Relax, Reflect, Restore

An Out in the Field retreat to thank and support social-care workers – to help them prioritise their wellbeing and provide them with a tool-kit to deal with stress when working in high pressure jobs.

Join 20 other people from different care organisations in a supportive peer environment.

Costs: £50 per person. Open to all staff working for a social care organisation.
To book a place or for more information please email

The day will be held in the cosy Granary at The Quadrangle, will involve conversations in front of the fire, lots of tea, a warm nutritious meal and a mindful walk in the woods.

Facilitated by experienced teachers and forest bathing guides the core practices of the programme are mind-body practices following the Sophrology method, Forest Bathing and nutrition and reflection practices.

It’ll be an opportunity to:
· Take time out to rest and experience mind and body relaxation
· Reconnect to sense of purpose
· Build skills and capabilities for personal care and resilience
· Build relationships, understanding and camaraderie within and across the social care practitioner community
· Learn about meals and nutrition specifically for high pressures health and care worker professions and how to support energy levels when working long hours, shift work and difficulty accessing healthy food
· Gain confidence with mind-body, nature connection and reflection practices and explore how to integrate them into daily life

Out in the Field for NHS staff

Out In The Field

Out in the Field was set up in 2020 in response to the covid pandemic to support frontline staff in prioritising their wellbeing – To give them time to relax, restore and reconnect as a group and to up-skill them to be active participants in their own health care, providing a tool-kit of strategies to deal with stress when working in high pressure jobs.

We have run retreats for over 800 NHS staff and have worked with the following hospitals and NHS Trusts: Maudsley Hospital, Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford and Gravesend Trust, King’s College Hospital NHS Trust, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

Funding for Out in the Field (OITF) has been provided through the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme from Defra and the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to extend the programme to teachers and care workers in 2024.

Impact Evaluation highlights from retreats for NHS staff:
• 100% would recommend the retreat to a friend.
• 95% felt clearer about how to support their wellbeing following the retreat.

A Survey completed 3-months following the retreat demonstrates that participants utilised techniques learnt to their benefit both at work and at home following the retreat:
• 88% of participants have spent more time in nature.
• 64% of participants reported positively changing their eating habits.
• 78% of participants reported practising mind-body exercises since the retreat.

Which has had a positive impact on Work Culture:
• 77% of participants felt more positive about their work in general following the retreat.
• 87% of participants felt that their relationships with colleagues had been more positive since the retreat.