Lisboa Social Press is an artist-run studio and workshop space founded by artists Jilly Roberts and Tom Maryniak.

Alongside hosting workshops, exhibitions and cultural events in their Lisbon atelier, they have curated a number of wellbeing retreats across Spain and Portugal, collaborating with yoga studios and other holistic facilitators to deliver memorable and meaningful experiences for their participants.

On each day of this retreat there will be a whole programme of art and movement workshops from yoga classes, breathwork practices, journalling and meditation.
We’ll also be exploring the land with a meditative walk, draw & forage, leaning into the day with Stretch & Sketch and spending an evening communing by candlelight for a Print & Drink workshop.

This retreat is open to everybody, from seasoned artists to those who haven’t drawn since school, and Jilly and Tom pride themselves on continually constructing creative formulas that allow participants to harmoniously interact with the land around them while discovering their inner creativity.

To keep guests sated, The Wild Goose of the Goods Shed Canterbury will be providing sumptuous vegetarian and seasonal feasts throughout, along with local wines from some of Kent’s most renowned vineyards.
For more information regarding the retreat, or to find out more about who we are and what we do, please go to