Have you been running at 100 mph recently? Want some time to energise with like-minded women before we go into the winter season? Want to try new and creative ways to redirect your energy and mood? This is a retreat designed for you sis!

We understand that some retreats seem to be too “hippy” and/or “woo woo” but you want something wholesome in the UK that prioritises self-care. We have curated this retreat to bring self-care experiences in a modern way using evidence based integrative approaches for the everyday woman, like you.

For more info, check out:@themodernhase www.themodernhase.com

Prices start from £225
Once early bird tickets are sold out, general tickets cost £250
Please register via eventbrite, payment must be made via paypal to confirm your place.

Discounts offered for:
Discounts for bookings of 2 or more guests receive 10% off total payment.

This weekend has been curated to expand your intentions around the new full moon in November. During this retreat you can expect:
Natural anxiety-reduction methods
Guided visualisation meditation
Sensory nature walks
Grief tending and release circles
Talking therapy and guided journaling
Full moon intention setting ritual
Embodied feminine dance
Freshly prepared meals (vegan w afro-carribean twists)
(All of which is optional, you may choose to simply join us in the idyllic settings and simply relax, that’s perfect too.)