Every day includes a full program of workshops, meditations and modern & ancient body work to help participants reconnect with themselves.

Darren Springer is a researcher and event organiser, founder of Ancient Future, the Convener of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts and Soul & Sound.

After setting up Ancient Future in 2006, a charitable community organisation, he has continued to develop projects geared around creative arts, personal-development and ancient spiritual systems.

Collectively his work aims to inform and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to cope with social challenges and contribute to community development as well as self-improvement in an innovative, creative, culturally-aware style.

He has presented at the Breaking Convention in London, the Detroit Entheogenic Conference, Ozora in Hungary, Altered in Berlin and numerous consciousness gatherings around Europe, the U.S and Africa. Darren is a knowledgeable passionate and dynamic speaker and facilitator. By day Darren is an Organic Horticulture, Permaculture and Food Enterprise tutor at Organiclea & Somerset House in London.

Sanae Orchi is a Dutch TV presenter, entrepreneur and speaker. After graduating as an economist, it was TV & Radio that took her attention. She worked as a news presenter and hosted TV-programs for Dutch media.

Sanae is really passionate about gaining and practising ancient spiritual knowledge for self-development. For years she has been practising different styles of yoga and she engaged in a study about the ancient philosophy of African Yoga (Smai Tawi).

To inspire other people, she transforms this knowledge into motivational expressions with her Lifestyle & Fashion brand QIFESH. With the brand she creates provocative streetwear clothing as well as events/workshops for personal growth & empowerment.

Ticket cost includes:
– Accommodation
– Vegan food

– £350 (Early birds) until Jan 21st (Paid in Full)
– £100.00* (deposit) + £395** (to be paid by March 8th)