Programme includes


Okela Douglas and Paula Balfe from Honour Thyself: A project inspiring young black women to discover a sense of pride and place in their identity as black British women through learning about their ancestral heritage.

Laureline Simon from Youth Learning Journey for Climate Resilience and Regeneration: A European project working with youth on radical cultural & societal transformation of the modernist mind-set, seeking regeneration in addressing climate change.

Hayley and Owen Stevens and Team from The Big Room: Their project Eldership in the Community supports the emergence of inherent wisdom in participants as they grapple with real-life challenges in their communities.


Building Collaboration through Dialogue – learning dialogic postures for team building and for life with Renata Keller

Women Exploring the Future – sharing and exploring ways to support women to find their own voice with Alison Manning

Dismantling Racism and Social Inequality – an intercultural approach with Aesha Francis, Dean Francis & team (working title)

From Debating to Relating – using compassionate co-inquiry to bridge the intergenerational divide with Inez Ponte

Writing Yourself: Uncovering Culture Through Creativity with Sarah Tinsley
Developing Resilience through Open-sharing and Deep Listening ref; the climate and biodiversity crises with Laureline Simon

Healthy Land, Healthy Gut and Healthy Mind with organic growers Polly Cox and Sue Jeffries

Plus: Open Space – your space to promote a meeting, topic or activity and which will include Simon Town’s master class “How to Write the best possible Grant Application”.

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Image credit: Michael Cheetham