A new story for the times we live in

The pandemic which has dominated the news for the first half of 2020 may prove to be the tipping point in a much larger cultural transition. The health crisis, the unprecedented shutdown, and now the protests and riots in various countries, mark a forced worldwide break with the past. This is far more than a conventional economic slowdown or a typical national or international crisis.

When we refer to ‘Cultural Transition’ we are indicating a major historic shift in human development. In effect, it marks the end of an era of materialistic consciousness and the reopening of the depth dimension in human awareness. The old culture, built on material values and beliefs, is crumbling. This is causing personal, social and political disorientation and confusion. Many people are clinging to the old culture and resisting the awakening of the new. Those who are sensitive to the shift and welcome it are still in a fluid space of discovery and reinvention, without yet having a clear collective identity.

Learning how to navigate the transition means acquiring the insight, skills and inner focus needed to help facilitate the birth of a new culture.

A new map to navigate current events

This seminar will explore:
– The concept of ‘cultural transition’ and how it explains the deeper significance of the current crisis
– How 2020 is a pivotal year for society, with great risks as well as huge potential for a ‘societal reset’
– How to keep our bearings in the confusion of a disintegrating, once-dominant culture. And how to cultivate new worldviews that can birth an ‘eco-spiritual’ future
– Tools for living creatively in the ‘bardo’ (intermediate) space that has now opened up between the familiar past and an unfamiliar future created by the pandemic
– How our inner and outer stories are part of creating the future, individually and collectively, consciously and unconsciously. And how the way we think about what is happening right now shapes what will unfold.
– The principles that we might wish to have at the centre of a societal reset and in the collective design of the next stage of human evolution

Cultural transition – a proposal
The concept of the cultural transition goes well beyond a change in social opinion or outlook: it implies a major developmental threshold for humanity. Just as some scientists, social theorists and spiritual visionaries have been predicting for decades, we do seem to be on the brink of an evolutionary expansion of consciousness. In this sense a shift is an inevitable development. But it still depends on our own free will, so it is not immune from political interference and social conflict.

The iconic representation of the cultural transition is Fritjof Capra’s 1982 diagram showing the ‘rising’ and ‘declining’ cultures as two intersecting S-curves. The point where the two curves cross over in the diagram is when power shifts from the declining culture to the rising culture.

During the first half of 2020 we have all been living through what amounts to a struggle for dominance at the crossover-point between the old declining culture and the new, rising culture. To understand this struggle and to navigate it successfully, we need to see more than the promise and potential of a new culture. We must also understand how the old culture exerted its influence, and how it is managing to keep its hold over us now.

This seminar will provide the understanding and resources to help each of us tip the odds in favour of an upside future for humanity.

What will we do?
The half day seminar will incorporate:
– Commentary and analysis drawing on science, technology, cultural studies, history, anthropology and more to explain how the current crisis represents more than just a disease outbreak.
– An emphasis on developing personal insight and inner resources as a critical response for overcoming fear and conflict.
– Experiential and meditative elements to help us process new ideas and concepts.
– Time for group discussion and personal reflection.

All these are the hallmark features of Quadrangle experiential learning events translated into an online experience.

How will this help me?
As we see more clearly the high stakes for humanity at this moment of crisis, we become better able to respond using the transformative inner resources of rising consciousness. The purpose of this seminar is to help us take these next steps individually and collectively. This includes:

– Noticing the new information being released in the world and freeing ourselves from old beliefs
– Understanding that participating in change does not have to mean outward struggle, but rather developing the skill of seeing the old illusions and withdrawing inner consent
– Noticing how we have been kept in fear and learning to consciously feel and release that fear
– Moving into a way of being centred on an attitude of freedom and love

Join us
Our collective ability to do all this is crucial for achieving the cultural transition. We invite you to join with us in cultivating the inner and outer awareness needed for this critical next stage of navigation.


Suggested contribution £25- £100 (please contribute according to your financial situation)

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We want to make this workshop as accessible as possible so if finances are a barrier to you joining please contact us jessie@thequadrangle.co

About us

Hardin Tibbs
Hardin is a futurist with many years experience in scenario planning and future-focused strategic thinking. His work typically involves looking at the future of industries or emerging technologies to identify opportunities and new strategies. In essence he explores and interprets complex, novel, rapidly changing situations to generate actionable strategic insight. He is skilled in strategy process facilitation, and he researches, writes and teaches on future-related topics.

Tim Malnick
Tim is a coach, facilitator and organisation psychologist supporting cultural explorers and business pioneers to move into new ways of doing and being in their work. He helps leaders in all sectors connect inner values to outer action in service of a life sustaining and socially just world. His work integrates eastern and western approaches from fields including: process and shadow work, systems thinking, awareness practice, action research and more.

Jessie Teggin
Jessie is a curator, experience designer and producer, and is the Director of The Quadrangle. She’s worked in the arts, education and environmental sector over the last twenty years and her great passion is exploring our connection to, and interdependence with, the natural world. At The Quadrangle she works to bring people together to share spaces of reflection, creativity and enquiry.