The Quadrangle: a peaceful venue and retreat centre in Kent, just 40 minutes from central London.

The world is changing fast. As people and organisations, many of us are asking big questions about our life and work, and seeking new ways of doing things.

Here at the Quadrangle we offer a unique space for such enquiry. Our natural setting creates the opportunity to step back, think more clearly and allow new perspectives to emerge.

Our family has looked after the Quadrangle for over four decades, and in 2007 it was established as a trust to protect its architecture and wildlife.

Hosting groups of up to 80 people throughout the year, the Quadrangle is an ideal venue for strategy days, workshops, conferences, trainings and longer retreats.

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Upcoming events

Bio-Leadership Ground Workshop

A 3-day workshop introducing a new way of working inspired by the principles of nature, and practices around adaptability, systemic awareness, connection, resilience and regeneration.

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Permaculture & Yoga Weekend Boot Camp

Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi are leading this weekend bootcamp for the forward thinker who wants to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

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