Taking a sacred pause during seasonal changes is so important for the health of our body and mind, yet so often overlooked.

Emma Chow and Jordan Roberts created the Rest & Digest Women’s Nature Immersion as a place to honour this time of energetic change from summer to autumn. This immersion is designed to help activate your yin energy and the divine feminine within you — allowing you to drop out of your head and into your body.

During our 3 days together, we will live in the close company of nature, while returning to our natural rhythms as part of nature. Gathering in the 5-elements (space, air, fire, water, earth) will help calm the mind and body, giving our nervous systems a necessary reset. Each day, Jordan and Emma will guide a series of daily activities thoughtfully-curated to metabolise all that unfolded in summer, downregulate the nervous system, and prime the body for the season to come. Together, in a community of like-minded women, we rediscover the lost art of rest and allow ourselves to naturally evolve.

Food plays an important role in the immersion experience. The food menu is Ayurvedic in nature – meaning it is designed to gently give your digestive system a break. You will be nourished with simple, healthy, vegetarian meals and snacks. Ingredients will be nutrient-rich, produced organically/regeneratively from healthy soils and sourced from the UK as much as possible. Organic ceremonial cacao will also be served at moments throughout the immersion as a sacred medicine to help you ground and reconnect with yourself.

You will leave the weekend not only feeling deeply rested and embracing autumnal energies, but equipped with a new set of tools that you can use to Rest & Digest. Jordan and Emma will share practical mini-practices, Ayurvedic eating tips, recipes, and more, to help you carry all the goodness from the immersion with you into your everyday life.

Schedule & events:
Arrival on Friday 13th of September from 5:00-6:30 pm and departure by Sunday 15th of September by 4pm.

Daily schedule includes yoga, neuroscience-based meditations and visualisations, guided Yoga Nidra and Inner Dance sessions (laying-down style meditations), sound journeys, breathwork, silent time, sharing circles, and journaling.

Two special workshops will also be featured: i) Basics of Ayurvedic eating & philosophy and ii) Intro to the soil-human health connection.

Earlybird tickets available starting 23 May 2024. To get on the waiting list and be the first to register and learn more, please email: cultivateimmersions@gmail.com or visit www.naturexnurture.com

Bursaries: Emma and Jordan want this weekend to be accessible to all women and have made two bursary places available. If paying the full fee will create serious financial hardship in your life and you would like to apply for a bursary, please email us and share why this immersion experience is important for you and what monetary contribution is reasonable for you at this time. Payment plans are also available.

Jordan Roberts, M.Sc.
Jordan spent 8 years of postgraduate study diving deep into the study of the earth, obtaining a B.Sc. in Earth & Planetary Sciences from the University of Western Ontario and M.Sc. in Geological Sciences at the University of British Columbia. In 2022, following burnout and a sudden health scare from a tick bite, she left her corporate job as a Geologist in search of a new path based in holistic practices to heal the mind, body, & soul. Since leaving the corporate world behind, she’s travelled to 10 countries learning a variety of holistic healing practices. During this time, she completed 150 hrs Ayurvedic Integrative Nutrition Counseling training, 500-hours of Yoga Teacher Training (in Guatemala & India), & 17-day immersive Inner Dance meditation training (Philippines). Her desire is to help bridge gaps between science and spirituality — creating safe spaces for people to share, learn, & experience new and ancient healing modalities together in community. She is passionate about spreading knowledge about these topics to help others remember that they are their own guide & healer.

Emma Chow
Emma is dedicated to inspiring systems-change, from the inside-out. Originally from Canada, she started her career in corporate consulting at Deloitte LLP, before coming to England in 2018 to work at the cutting edge of sustainability and global food systems change. After recovering from a major burnout in 2022, Emma has come to believe a radically better future depends on our collective journey of ‘inner-regeneration’. She draws from her multifaceted experience as a meditation teacher, yoga nidra guide, regenerative designer, and artist to create accessible and effective practices for people to find peace amongst the chaos and become conscious leaders for a flourishing tomorrow. Emma also shares the ancient medicine of cacao from Guatemala. Her training includes 200hr yoga teacher training, 1 Giant Mind advanced meditation teacher training, yoga nidra guide training with Jana Roemer, Authentic Relating Technique L1, Cacao Source Online Course, Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies with Linda Thai.