“APOW (Amazing People Of the World) at Refugee Youth have had the wonderful opportunity to run residentials at the Quadrangle for a few years. Our ongoing partnership with the Quadrangle has been extremely beneficial to supporting our work and enabling us to nurture our values of community cohesion , improving emotional wellbeing, and cross-cultural inclusion. Through any activity or project that APOW does, we aim to achieve stronger social connections and provide positive experiences for the young people we work with. Our residentials at the Quadrangle provides APOW with an experience that takes our young people away from the daily struggles and negative experiences that they face in London. We work together to support our young people to plan and run our residential trips, so that they learn vital skills that will benefit them in education and employment. Feedback from young people shows that the experience of being in the countryside and staying at the Quadrangle increases cohesion within the group, and supports the young people to build stronger voices and emotional resilience. They express that the experience enables them to build stronger friendships, make new connections, learn from other cultures and provides much needed respite from their lives in the city”

“The skills that I learn make me believe in myself more and think that I can do anything. I learn patience and sometimes planning things is very different to what you think it will be. …being the ones to plan [the trip] this time round it was different- we were living and learning”- Idris

“It takes away your mind from everything, and puts you in a positive mind-set and makes you believe you can do anything. It enables you to continue your life and get through all the struggles that you face. It just makes you stronger and gives you a break from everything else in your life. I love spending time with friends and getting to know new people as well, also sharing and caring about each other. It reminds you of being home, you feel like you are a family here.”- Imani