Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  Albert Einstein

Through a diverse, co-created programme of talks, walks, workshops, food, movement and meditative experiences we examine our individual and 
collective understanding and experience of ourselves as part of nature.

As part of this enquiry we have asked ourselves questions about everything from what nature is and how we relate to it, to the nature of consciousness and sentience, the boundaries between human and non-human worlds (including those thrown up by new technologies), and how a reimagining of our relationship with nature could help tackle some of society’s greatest challenges. We also very much welcome new ideas and themes to bring into the programme.

These weekends have been run quarterly at The Quadrangle since October 2016 by a morphing group of friends and collaborators including practising artists, curators, researchers, campaigners and academics.

For a description of an Enquiry weekend (August 2019) read Leo Kay‘s Blog here.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining an enquiry weekend please email us.

“The most nourishing experience I’ve had in a very long time – intellectually, spiritually, physically… I’m filled up with inspiration, re-energised to get working and inspiring others to work towards mass restoration” Participant (visual artist)

“The Nature Enquiry has had a profound effect on me – not only in how I think about my personal relationship to nature, but also in how the cultural sector and their audiences might rethink their role in the environment. It feels genuinely collaborative and experimental; it is co-curated so lightly and beautifully that everyone is an active participant while being safely held. It’s the perfect space and time to reflect and progress all those crazy ideas and questions that made you want to do what you do – but rarely get round to – with a brilliant and often unlikely group of peers. ”Participant (Director, British Council)

“The experience of being at the weekend is transformative… To be amongst people thinking about the really big questions is as reassuring as it is fun.” Participant (architect)

“Mind blown… This will 100% influence my work and who I become.” Participant (VR artist)