Use your imagination

The flexibility of the Quadrangle is one of its great strengths. We’ve hosted everything from theatre performances to company AGMs and drawing classes. Got an idea? Feel free to get in touch.

Our level of involvement is also flexible: we can just provide space or provide support with organisation, programming activities, promotion & coordination.


“The Quadrangle is a truly magical space with a perfect combination of options for events, from cosy rooms with warm wood-burning stoves and big armchairs, to the vast impressive space of the Victorian barn - great for barn dances and performances - to the tranquil barn meadow and forest garden. The view from the main meadow stretches to the hills rising above the Darent Valley and the Darent River glides by, very tempting for a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day! All the spaces can be used flexibly and there are plenty of options for camping and dormitory beds. Wonderful relaxed hosts too!”

Midsummer Festival
Event organiser

It. Was. Amazing. Absolute transformative magic. The venue was amazing - absolutely perfect. That land is genuine magic. All our attendees are messaging saying what an amazing, soul-nourishing time they had.

Writers retreat
Director, Writers HQ

As city kids our children experienced nature in a friendly, joyful way; sharing a weekend with other people, playing games & cooking food and just being together. They had so much freedom - from waking up until the amazing campfire at night. The people supporting the whole camping experience have been so friendly and helpful. Thanks for the unforgettable experience.

Family – Forest Family Camp
Monique & Amin