The River

Written and narrated by Deborah Wolton.
Made by Temujen Gunawardena and Badj Whipple.
Sound design Jonah Brody

Lockdown 2020 was a strange time, our lives changed. For us the Darent came into focus, full of life and sounds, no longer just a river flowing past. Since the early 1970s it’s been clear that too much water is being taken from the river for our use and invasive species are damaging native wildlife. The river is in trouble. The local community have been working for 50 years to save it. This film is an ode to the Darent and a call for help. This might be our last chance.” Deborah Wolton

Take Action!
Contact Thames Water 0800 316 9800

Write to the Sevenoaks MP Laura Trott.

The Darent River Preservation Society is committed to restoring and preserving the health of the Darent, its catchment and tributaries, its flora and fauna. Find out how to get involved at

The production of this animation was supported by the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme (DVLPS), Kent Downs National Landscape and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.