A place to grow

We’ve hosted a number of successful leadership and personal development groups at the Quadrangle including Sheroes, Bioleadership, and Citizens UK.

Whether it’s camping outdoors, sharing stories around a campfire or getting ideas down on post-it notes, the natural setting allows people to step back and ask big questions about themselves and their work.

We offer a variety of experiences to help with this kind of workshop, including nature talks, guided walks and creative confidence sessions.

Example plan


  • Organic dinner on arrival
  • Introduction to the Quadrangle from Jessie
  • Morning yoga session in the Grand Barn
  • Breakfast of porridge, blueberries and toast.
  • Group work
  • Guided walk in Darent Valley
  • Lunch of soup and salad.
  • Group work
  • Afternoon tea and cakes
  • Guest speaker
  • Personal time.
  • Dinner: vegan curry; chutneys and salad.
  • Bonfire in the forest garden


  • Optional morning yoga session in the Grand Barn.
  • Breakfast of tofu scramble, fresh tomatoes and toast.
  • Creative confidence training
  • Group discussion
  • Lunch
  • Reflections, free writing.
  • Closing circle
  • Transport to Shoreham station


There's something special about spending time working in nature. It makes people more open, and conversations more meaningful. The Quadrangle is a rare gem, a venue close enough to commute from London but a million miles from the hustle and bustle of everyday office life

Bethan Harris
Director, Collectivity

A place where you can engage in deep intellectual and political discussion, serious and heartfelt connection, campfire mayhem and then a swim in the river. Goodness me, it’s heaven

Global Witness
Anthea Lawson, Senior Investigator