Join us for a restorative weekend, especially created for NHS and other frontline and essential workers, where we will help you to de-stress, reconnect to your needs and give you the tools to nourish your body and mind.

We will use yoga to help you stretch out your aching body, Sound healing to clear your mind and nature to boost your mood and immune system.

This weekend is your opportunity to take a pause from the external world and your current challenges, and recharge.

Kate Stewart and Alice Bowmaker have co-created this nourishing weekend, as part of The Quadrangle’s Nature Recovery Programme funded by The Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme, Kent Downs AONB and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Costs: from £180 all inclusive

For more info see: Restore, Replenish and Revitalise

Kate Stewart (Sound Healer)
Co-founder of We Create Change, Kate is a sound meditation therapist and wellness expert. Kate has held ceremonies and workshops for many women using sound meditation, breath, yoga and ceremonial Cacao.

Kate’s mission is to help women experience more joy in their lives, through meditation tools and safe community spaces – where they can be seen, heard, acknowledged and accepted for who they are.

Alice Bowmaker (Yoga Instructor)
Co-founder of We Create Change, Alice is a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She has worked internationally, leading retreats and workshops since 2013. Her experience with an eating disorder at an early age, led her on a long path of healing. And through that lived experience she gathered the knowledge and tools needed (but not taught to women) to feel full empowered and alive in her body. She now passes on all that she has learned to other women.