The emotional burden of Covid has taken a toll on the mental health and wellbeing of those on the frontline. NHS workers are suffering from fatigue, stress and exhaustion and there are reports of burn out, PTSD and severe depression.

“40% of ICU workers are likely to meet the threshold for PTSD”- Research by King’s College London and University College London

At the Quadrangle we want to say thank you and give something back to people who have cared for others over the last year.

Time spent in nature can have powerful beneficial effects both emotionally and physically by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and tension.

The Quadrangle is a place that can be restorative with help from expert wellbeing practitioners, meditation, wholesome food and a beautiful landscape.

In September 2020, we ran a two-day overnight retreat for healthcare and frontline workers who had experienced high levels of stress and exhaustion during the Covid-19 crisis, giving them simple practices to use when they returned to work and their everyday lives.

Now, our ambition is to run a series of retreats throughout 2021 and 2022.

For more information or to nominate a healthcare worker friend, family or colleague for a place on a retreat please contact Jessie

Image credits: Michael Cheetham, Callum Teggin

Testimonials from Healthcare worker participants

“All through this pandemic I’ve worked with the children of parents who have been sick. I have been away from home living in a block of flats. So getting this space has been a godsend, and answer to my prayers to have downtime for my own mental health and wellbeing.”

“There was acknowledgement that people need such a space to be a way, be safe, and held and feel welcomed without judgement.”

“It gave us the opportunity to reconnect with nature and I feel calm, peaceful and rested, enable me to press the restart button.”

“It was perfect medicine for my fatigue.”