A 6 months course exploring practical and creative solutions for building resilient neighbourhoods and designing abundant eco-systems.

The course has a strong practical emphasis on ecological and social design thinking and how this can be applied in different parts of our life and society.

The Quadrangle is hosting the residential weekend part of the course 1- 3 May.

If there are any questions, please contact Michel michel@sociallandscapes.co.uk or 07901036220.

“The course was a fantastic learning process and a truly enjoyable experience. The tutors were very knowledgeable and transmitted Permaculture as an approach to living, thinking, doing, making and being. The ethics, principles and thinking tools of Permaculture have become a new mindset.” – Raquel, PhD student in Food Policy

“It has completely changed my perspective towards every aspect of my life: my health, my relationship with family and friends, my relationship with the Earth.” – Anonymous

“I feel like I know a secret and want to share it with the world” Anonymous